Microsoft Learn from Sony’s Mistakes… (The easy way)

So do only hackers play this game? Because there sure are a lot of them...

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You remember that whole PSN mess where sony’s online network for the PS3 went offline for almost a month? Supposedly because they pissed off a group of hackers; Who were themselves pissed at sony for messing with a 14 year old hacker (who hacked Modern Warfare 2), by suing him? Yes you do well so does Microsoft. Because the minute the same thing happened to them… Continue reading


Join Bit Mango for E3 2011

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we would love to announce that Bit Mango will cover the biggest video game event of the year E3. To celebrate were releasing a list of games that will be announced at E3. So get amped up and enjoy the video trailers also included below…

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Japanese Arcade = Awesome

...And it looks glorious!!!!!!

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Would you consider yourself an Otaku? Or are video games more your speed? Well if asian arcades are your thing, fret not asian goodness is on the video below. And if you want to see a kick ass photo gallery of japanese arcade machines (and american ones as well) just because click HERE (special thanks to the Arcade Mania group for the flickr photo gallery). And again we’d love to thank the guys at Nyce for this awesome post, the “Universes Gateway to Fashion, Art and, Music”

Mortal Kombat Free without WB online pass system?!!!

Well expect things to get really heated (in a good way) now that MK 2011 has free online play, but for how long.

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With the PSN network being up for all of a week, NetherRealm studios Announced a few days ago (mainly on friday) that there hit fighting game Mortal Kombat (a.k.a Mortal Kombat 9 a.k.a Mortal Kombat 2011) would have free online play but only on the PlayStation 3. This is a very big deal having the hardcore fighting community up in arms on there announcement of a “WB pass” system. The pass would get you a free code with any NEW copy of said game that would then let you play online. It goes without saying that buying a USED copy of said game would demand you to buy  a code to play that said game online (you would pay $9.99 infact). This is a hot button issue because of the fact that developers are basically forcing there fans to essentially pay more. Mortal Kombat 2011 is free to play online but for how long? Well to answer that NetherRealm Studios had this to say… “This is a temporary solution that will only be available while Playstation Store is unavailable. Once PlayStation Store is back up, users will be able to enter the Kombat Pass code included with Mortal Kombat or purchase a Kombat Pass for $9.99”. Well I think it’s about time to get while the gettings good.

Can we get this free too? (When hell freezes over)

BlazBlue creators explain why touch screens suck

  • See BlazBlue has things on there touch screen too...

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As reported by while at Nintendo Power magazine Arc System Works’ Toshimichi Mori stated during a interview that… “Super Street Fighter IV 3D has easy special move buttons. As hardcore fighting fans we don’t think that’s right, so we chose to display a list of combos [for BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II] instead of easy attack buttons.”  Note that BlazBlue has a list of combos on it touch screen to aid players (even though this is not as noob friendly as SSFIV 3D’s touch attacks) well anyway I’ll let you guys decide. mean while here is gameplay footage of BlazBlue for the 3DS…

New DBZ game annouced…

  • now hear constipated asian people on ps3... again

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Surprise, Surprise Actual gameplay footage from the game because the footage above is from the old one notice the shiny hub... neat!!!!

For those of you that have every DBZ (and DB and DBGT for the truly hardcore) DVD set and collect the games like rare treasures the announcement of a DBZ game will turn up your otaku notch to ten. There seems to be new gameplay mechanics being introduced here. I say seems because I’m just guessing at this point. The graphics look bold as well look at the video trailer after the jump…

PSN Password reset has bugs?!!!!!

  • And yet another sony product gets hacked with ease (again).Another Sony product gets hacked with ease (again!!!!)

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Hackers have found yet another exploit on PSN via the password reset system by changing a users PSN  password using only an email and a date of birth. When you click on a password reset email it now has a link to a site that isn’t up which=h make little to no sense. That also means with great frustration that a user can not change there PSN password as of right now, This goes for Sony’s and sites as well. No need to be bummed too much as you can still log in online to you PSN account and see your Trophies as well as any other “normal” PSN stuff available.

The update from states that “Update: Sony has assured consumers that the sites were not hacked, so there’s no need to fear that details were compromised. Sony itself did not state, in its post, why it took down the password reset pages. It’s neither confirmed nor denied the existence of the exploit. In any case, it’s recommending that users reset their passwords via PS3, despite the return of the websites.”