Creator of Spritited Away says using an ipad is like masturbation

He's not laughing with you he's laughing at you

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Hayao Miyazaki  got to be THE most creative artist mind in all of animation, but he’s extremly anti-ipad… Continue reading


Really Kickass Mario 3DS stand

It's a me.... holding you $400 plus 3DS! YAHOOOOO!!!!

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We’ve been covering ALOT of Nintendo stuff lately. With the Wii U now out in the open (as far as appearance and controller details goes),

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DC’s Justice League comic line rebirth annouced

So the Superman and the gang decided to get a makeover, will this increase sales?

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Did you see the new green lantern movie, well he and his other DC friends decided to have makeovers and make smores. And no you can’t have any Green Latern is pretty picky about that (Don’t know why).

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Kind of Breaking News? Official trailer of Kenshi in Mortal Kombat 9 as DLC!!!!


Metal Gear’s Hideo Kojima thoughts on Japanese games

Legend, Icon, Japanese game purist?

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It is a really well known fact that the Japanese gaming market wasn’t what it was in the 90’s… Continue reading

Ico, Shadow of the Colossus HD box set to get fancy.

Well Japan what are you waiting for... share the love!

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Amazon is an amazing site, but you knew that right? Because apparently they leak box art Continue reading

Net Neutrality a must. FOR THE PEOPLE!!!!!!

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The Internet is home to many websites and blogs but if big business had there way we could end up with no blogs or social network sites at all. Continue reading