Net Neutrality a must. FOR THE PEOPLE!!!!!!

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The Internet is home to many websites and blogs but if big business had there way we could end up with no blogs or social network sites at all.Net Neutrality for those of you not in the know is when websites and internet bloggers alike can blog at there free will and do what ever they want on the web. Basically what we have now, but if the big wigs had there way there would be none of that. In fact it might look something like this…

This is what your going to run in to if there is no Web Neutrality. A Dark Future it is...

They definitely want more control over the internet. And we don’t know about you guys but “Control” and “Internet” are words we don’t see gelling well together, it just seems very unnatural to us (and allot of other tech junkies). Net Neutrality is the future we want but big companies like Comcast or AT&T want to put it behind us. The mainstream media controlling our only “free and open source for media and indie entertainment for all people” seems really bad for those bloggers and backpackers in the world. They want equal internet for the people to be a thing of the past (leave it to the big wigs to keep all the money making windows for the little guy closed off). If this happens a right leaning republican company can over saturate the internet with there beliefs and block out the other sides say (or the other way around). Independent websites or freelance business could be shut down replaced with mainstream versions paid off by the muti-billion dollar companies to push or fluff up there products to look way better then there actually are. We here at bitmango want the PEOPLE to have free rain over THERE internet. We fully support the free the internet campaign and if you want to join the fight click HERE other wise looked at the video below to see the truth of a anti-Net Neutral world.


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