Metal Gear’s Hideo Kojima thoughts on Japanese games

Legend, Icon, Japanese game purist?

Credited to… Pictures

It is a really well known fact that the Japanese gaming market wasn’t what it was in the 90’s…Video gamers love there mass effect 2 over final fantasy now a days, A game which strangely enough Final Fantasy tried to imitate (come on Final Fantasy XIII didn’t look like Mass Effect just a little?!!!). But does the Asian video game market really need to emulate the American one? The Metal Gear god father himself Hideo Kojima seems to not think so And he has some choice words to say (provided by “Do we really need to succeed worldwide? That’s what I’m really wondering about. Everyone talks about overseas, overseas, but nobody’s really thinking about what needs to be done if we want to succeed. We get obsessed with thinking about worldwide because we’ve had previous success with games and anime worldwide, but none of those successes matter nowadays. When you’re making a game, it doesn’t matter what nationality the team is — I think there was a lack of understanding among Japanese developers on that issue. It all comes down to the team you have. Even if I brought in the best developer in the world, it won’t result in anything if nobody around him understands what he says”. Hideo Kojima does make a good point The asian game market should be inovating not copying. The downloadable gaming market is making a killing over here and is super cost effective, it’s also home to expressive and creative game design. The downloadable game market can be Japan’s saving grace, but they have to stop trying to copy the American style of game making. But what are your thoughts?


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