Kind of Breaking News? Official trailer of Kenshi in Mortal Kombat 9 as DLC!!!!


As we all know the only good character to come out of the whole Mortal Kombat PS2/original Xbox era was Kenshi. He was and still is just a plan old bad ass and the best “new” Character in recent memory (well we here at Bit mango think so at least). So it’s with a very big heart that we welcome Kenshi again back into the MK fold…

It seems like this time Kenshi isn't just a blind version Ermac which is a very good thing indeed.

and this time he’s DLC. Kenshi was long rumored to be DLC for this game and now it’s official. Check out the trailer below for new info. And for those of you that really can’t wait well… you’ll have to wait seven more days till July 5th comes upon us all.


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