Really Kickass Mario 3DS stand

It's a me.... holding you $400 plus 3DS! YAHOOOOO!!!!

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We’ve been covering ALOT of Nintendo stuff lately. With the Wii U now out in the open (as far as appearance and controller details goes),

A lot of people may have already forgot about the Nintendo 3DS already (even though it had a comfortable showing at E3 2011). Well for those of you early adopters to the 3DS you may want to keep you system nice and save,

yup soul-less...

and mario looks like he wants to help you with that (Look at those soulless eyes he’d jump on anyone’s head and not even worry about the consequences). So if you want a soul-less italian plummer looking after your DS (or PS3/360 controller) click here and order this epic statue for $29.95. Act quickly while supplies last.


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