Creator of Spritited Away says using an ipad is like masturbation

He's not laughing with you he's laughing at you

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Hayao Miyazaki  got to be THE most creative artist mind in all of animation, but he’s extremly anti-ipad…in fact he’s anti anything technology. Icon and legendary animation director of such classics as My Neighbor Totoro, Spritited Away and Kiki’s Delivery Service does not own a computer or a fax and doesn’t even own a DVD player. And being the old school type Instead of e-mail, he writes letters. as stated on the site In an interview in the July issue of “Neppuu”, “the Studio Ghibli published pamphlet, the famed animator does not pull any punches when discussing the iPad, or what he calls the “game machine-type thing” that people are “stroking with strange gestures”.

“For me, there is no feeling of admiration or no excitement whatsoever,” Miyazaki said about the iPad. “It’s disgusting. On trains, the number of those people doing that strange masturbation-like gesture is multiplying.”

Miyazaki also states he got “fed up” when everyone on the trains started reading manga and then later when everyone began using cell phones on the trains to presumably send text messages.

Now for anyone out there that’s a Social network alcoholic Hayao Miyazaki may seem like he’s a tad allergic to technology, but remember he’s one of the rare few that Animate without the use of technology (just a paper and a pencil). But with that being said we mere mortal are not as talented or as dedicated as this legend. He has stated however (courtesy of That, he encourages people to become creators, and not simply consumers. Life is full of distractions and Hayao Miyazaki is having none of it… Speaking of distractions here is a peek at this great minds craft in action…


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