New Nintendo 3DS color way revealed

The real 3DS... No really

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… After E3 and the reveal of a new lineup of 3DS games it seems nintendo is also releasing a new colored system to go with all that new sause…neat.  Continue reading


Former creators of Call of Duty very likely to sue Activison

Seems like Activision and the former call of duty creators are going to war. The only ones to really lose here are the gamers.

Jimmy Fallon Plays Zelda: Skyward Sword and Wii U

Go Jimmy!!!!

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The “out the box” thinking of Nintendo has always done alot of “out there ideas” Continue reading

Now Search….with only your voice!!!?

well we had to see this coming...

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I don’t know whether to be happy or saddend by this but…  Continue reading

Rayman gets back to his roots…

In a generation of remakes and remixes Rayman is late to the party but Rayman Origins is fixing to change that… Continue reading

Steve jobs (apple CEO) to build UFO Mother Ship

They come in peace...

Apple CEO Steve Jobs needs more SPACE for his apple operations…

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