Internet Meme Tattoos?! WTF!!!!

Would you get a meme tattooed to your body? probably not.....

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Why does the rest of the world get better Internet then the U.S.?! :(

We demand faster Internet NOW!!!!!

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With AT&T , Verizon and the other big monopolies running the internet game, $100 dollars with phone (sometimes cable) and internet seems normal right…

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Special Edition Star war Xbox 360 with Kinect

Just like the movies right!!?

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Microsoft revealed a special edition Xbox 360 bundle with the new Star War Kinect game that was shown off at E3. But thats not all fans of the force will with this bundle….

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Tekken vs Street Fighter for real!!!! Creative leads bump heads

let's be mature and settle our differences by eating hotdogs...yeah!!!!

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Super Mario 3DS Release date revealed…

HERE WE GO!!!!! (wait have a feeling i said that already)

As is known in the gaming industry a Super Mario game that is released on a Nintendo Console is a big deal…

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South Korea to trade their text books in for tablets!!!

Where are our school tablets!!!??? Apple/google I'm looking at you!!!

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Technology is fast and getting faster with the ipads and android phones of the world. But with that being said why are the u.s. schools still not the Jetson/futuristic like ones of lore?

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New Soul Calibur 5 Character Revealed and behind the Scenes of Team Soul…

I guess team soul wasn’t lying when they said Soul Caliber 5 will be a new beginning… Continue reading