Street Fighter X Tekken + Release = Spring yay ;D

Kazuya: Bitch I said Spring!!!! Ryu: I'm sorry

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With this Epic collaboration between Capcom and Namco, News of this game was and still is slow coming. Thank all god that We finally have a release date for this monster of a game…

This game has been hotly anticipated since it’s promised release and teased reveal. The maker’s of the two francises have even went as far as to challenge each other.

A date has finally been set for this epic dream match... which side are you on?

This has divided the fans of Tekken and Street Fighter that much more. with debates of which francise truly rules them all. 1up has this to say about the release “Capcom has sent out a new fact sheet listing the game for a spring 2012 release. The company’s most recent sales forecast showed the game having a presence in the current fiscal year, which runs through March 31, 2012. With spring beginning on March 21, that gives a fairly small window for it to be released. There’s only a single Tuesday — March 27 — that falls within that period, so unless there’s been some change and it’s actually coming later in spring (which runs through June 20), that seems like a fair estimate at this point”. This info is directed at the PS3 and Xbox 360 version of the game and not the Playstation Vita planed release however, which at this point is still in the dark. Another thing in the dark is the Namco created version of this epic brawl Tekken X Street Fighter which isn’t even near finished. In fact the only picture of the game is this half done Ryu game model…

Street Fighter X Tekken is on it way, but Tekken X Street Fighter is gonna take awhile...

Anyway the Confirmed character List for Street Fighter X Tekken reads as stated below (via

Ryu Kazuya Mishima Cole MacGrath (PS3/Vita)
Ken Masters Nina Williams
Guile Craig Marduk
Abel King
Chun-Li Bob
Cammy White Julia Chang
Sagat Hwoarang
Dhalsim Steve Fox
Poison Yoshimitsu
Hugo Andore Raven
Ibuki Kuma

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