Awesome Choir sings Still Alive from portal?!!!

they made me alive too..... in my heart (cries) ūüė¶


Arcades… awe the memories :D

check it out... ūüėÄ

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Remember that feature on japanese arcades we had a little while ago…

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How Nintendo plans on giving away free Games for 3DS

can you see the 3D? Well if you pick up a 3DS on the cheap you will...

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September 1st marks the beginnings of the ambassador program (nintendo’s program for those who bothered to buy a 3DS before the price drop)… Continue reading

Portal 2 real life Wheatley serious reality…

it's alive!!!! ūüėÄ

Sonic 3 now in flipbook form?

Now if only Sonic X was this good... then they would be on to something

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Nintendo Former President loses $300 Million…

yup he's pissed

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Former Nintendo head¬†Hiroshi Yamauchi¬†is know to be a hard ass every once in awhile…
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Star War bathing suits?

In a dirty mind far far away....

Huge fans of our site will remember our must read news on the Special Edition Star Wars Xbox 360 units well going from a video console to….

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