Why does the rest of the world get better Internet then the U.S.?! :(

We demand faster Internet NOW!!!!!

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With AT&T , Verizon and the other big monopolies running the internet game, $100 dollars with phone (sometimes cable) and internet seems normal right…

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Google Plus (Facebook killer?)

It's a well known fact that Facebook killed Myspace, But will google plus do the same to Facebook?

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Google is well known with technology, they just are. And 5 years ago we would have never thought that google would have evolved so much…

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Net Neutrality a must. FOR THE PEOPLE!!!!!!

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A few reasons why Brink is such a big deal!!!

With the Die-hard fan base of Call Of Duty can Brink Survive? We think it can.

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In this sea of First Person Shooters Brink surprisingly stands out. The acrobatics and  highly customizable shooter, really offers high levels of creativity and quests at every turn. Think of it as a simpler version of Mirrors Edge with more guns, weapons and class based gameplay. The game also includes alot of advanced Multi-player gameplay hooks like Having your friends play as enemies in the main story mode via on-line connectivity which is very much a big deal. Another thing is The gameplay Hub is a big part of this system and there are cool off meters to counter act spaming (which is a nice added touch). At any rate the video below can explain it better then me…

The Basics and the Objective system

Theres a in game quick wheel of sorts which you can access for quick one off type missions. When you capture any given area assigned your team gets a bonus boost of sorts, which really adds new legs to a game like this. The thing is other games like team fortress have done things of this nature before, but not to this level of course…


The Gameplay is smooth in the fact that you can hold the sprint button and vault over any object. A simplified version of the mirrors edge parkour gamplay. The Class system however does have a factor in this in that, Heavies can’t  Jump over or slide under  objects like the lighter and faster classes; Heavier classes can only  vault and thats it. Also there is no regenerating health in this game unless you go to a medic class player. In general from our hand on time with the game, it plays really good and the parkour elements make it a more enjoyable and fresher expreience gameplay wise…

Class System

The classes in this game really step up the gameplay and make it addicting to first person nuts everywhere. Note that only certain classes can complete certain missions and get certain benifits based on there class…

The battlefield and Command Post system

And finally mines, disguises and auto machine gun turrets can be added in the game via the supply meter filled by capturing command posts or gained in other way like simply leveling up or being in a certain class…

Brink is in stores now check it out, and as always what do you guys think of this game. Do you think it overrated or very underrated. In my opinion this game need more bazookas… but I like things going boom to much anyway so maybe I’m wrong.

You seen the outside of the 3DS now look at the inside!!!

We'll finally get to see the 3DS Naked Hehehe

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When the 3DS launched a little over a month ago, the whole world was probably wondering what made the 3DS tick? The glasses free technology is like sone other worldly magic to a lot of people. Well for you tech savvy out there here you go the total disassembly (and reassembly) of the 3DS. Warning the videos below are at least 15 minutes each (so for those of you that have the attention span of charlie sheen on “tiger blood”, need not complain you’ve been warned). enjoy 🙂

Nintendo 3DS Hands On

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With the Nintendo 3DS already out in stores it’s shocking that a lot of people haven’t played it yet. This is an amazing system, And I can say first hand that they got a homerun on there hands with this one. I just can’t wait for them to release a killer must have game for this sexy beast

Super Street Fighter 4 3D Edition is THE killer app of the 3DS launch by far

of a console. The only game available to play was Super Street Fighter 4 3D edition. The 3D with this particular game wasn’t the pop out at you type, but more like a deep world inside of a screen depth type. (almost like looking out of a car window that moves with the action on screen with the depth further selling the illusion) The wire and other small objects in the world also kind of have depth to them as they look like there “in front” of the fighters and action on screen. The 3DS has a slick cool look to it and looks really good design-wise only be bettered by apples design philosophy. The button layout feels cozy and the circle pad really adds more control; in other words can’t wait for a fully 3D plat-former on this thing. speaking of which the Rayman 2 has a remake on this thing, and being a big fan of the original I can’t wait to see this game in 3 Dimensions. The added depth and plain of view will really add to the gameplay and make a great game better. The launch games look unimpressive though (in fact Rayman 2 and SSF4 are the only good looking ones). I would wait till Nintendo gets it’s big hitters in there (like a mario, zelda, or metroid) to really make a difference with there wonder device. The 3DS has deeper online social features and other wifi toys added on to it (like the street pass and spot pass modes). With all this being said is the 3DS worth $249.99? Well as of right now… no, you see there needs to be more games for this monster to get over. As of right now It’s cool but there are simply no games for it. Wait a month or two until the tides turn for the better, until then the Nintendo 3DS is just a really fly idea and nothing more.

Slick, Smooth and 3-Dimensional

Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition and New Street Fighter X Tekken Impressions

Capcom plans on keeping fighting game fans busy as usual

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After almost a full year of  absolutely no details on Street Fighter X Tekken, Capcom finally decided to release new cinema and gameplay trailers. And as a added bonus they also released info on yet another edition of Super Street Fighter 4 in Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition. First off Street Fighter X Tekken will be released in stores as well as in DLC form. So for you guys who totally hate the idea of buying yet another boxed version of Street Fighter 4 can save space and the environment.

The game will feature Street Fighter 3 favorites Yun and Yang as well as Evil Ryu and Oni, The added fighters will have intros as well as ending movies. The gameplay in this new edition will be tweaked and picked at to better balance the fighters and gameplay.


As for when the game will release and how much it will go for gameinformer.com had this to say “The Arcade Edition DLC will launch worldwide on June 7 for $14.99 (U.S.) or the roughly equivalent amount in your region, while the console disc versions will hit stores later in the month (June 24 is confirmed for Europe) at a “price that won’t break the bank,” according to the Capcom presentation”.

Moving onto Street Fighter X Tekken the new trailer (which you can see below) has a host of new Confirmed Characters (according to csmonitor.com)  including… Ken, Guile and Abel from Street Fighter and King, Bob, and Marduk from Tekken. From what we see from the trailer a new counter system has been added (either that or the “Rage” System from Tekken 6. Or just the plan old focus system from Street Fighter 4, it is the same engine after all). The release date has not been decided as of right now, but stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.