WWE All-Stars Demo Watch

  • Credited to… Picture – wweallstars.com and spong.com Video – IGN’s youtube page

Even Rey Mysterio is Huge in this game!!!!!

Playing WWE All-Stars is like playing a modern day NBA Jam that is centered on Wrestling (so like playing WWF WrestleMania: The Arcade Game). The game plays good (easy pick up and play arcade feel). The Simple gamplay really brings a new level of care free fun to this title, no more complex joystick grapple system seen here. The joystick mini games are gone replaced by button-mashing user friendly ones. So for you fans of wrestling that have played WWF Royal Rumble on the Dreamcast, this game goes back to that simple arcade gameplay but way more so (because this is definitely not trying to simulate wrestling at all). The game itself is a very exaggerated and over the top take on wrestling (as if wrestling wasn’t over the top enough…). The gameplay is wild; wrestlers fly 10 feet in the air, finishers are brutal and the gameplay is filled with at the most 2 button presses at one time. This is what wrestling must have FELT like in the 80’s, because the game itself feel larger then life. The gamplay modes are arcade like in nature (Meaning nothing here to slow down the action). No tag matches here just Tornado tags, cage matches and anything else with full throttle action. From what I played this game is worth a try, play the demo on XBOX Live or Play Station network today. And if my somewhat coherent argument convinced you then go pick it up today because it’s OUT NOW. For more gameplay look at the youtube video below…