A vending machine that’s give to charity?!!!!! What the flip, this vending machine is RUDE!!

cool ūüôā

Japan is always ahead of the curve when it comes to there tecnology This point is made obvious by the fact that they pretty much make all of our gadgets…

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Why does the rest of the world get better Internet then the U.S.?! :(

We demand faster Internet NOW!!!!!

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With AT&T , Verizon and the other big monopolies running the internet game, $100 dollars with phone (sometimes cable) and internet seems normal right…

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South Korea to trade their text books in for tablets!!!

Where are our school tablets!!!??? Apple/google I'm looking at you!!!

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Technology is fast and getting faster with the ipads and android phones of the world. But with that being said why are the u.s. schools still not the Jetson/futuristic like ones of lore?

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Red Nintendo 3DS unleashed (Unboxing)!!!!

cool ūüôā

remember when we showed footage of a red 3DS out in the wild?

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Game controller made out of Legos!!!

well at least you can fix it if it broke...

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So your a lego fan huh?

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Google Plus (Facebook killer?)

It's a well known fact that Facebook killed Myspace, But will google plus do the same to Facebook?

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Google is well known with technology, they just are. And 5 years ago we would have never thought that google would have evolved so much…

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Net Neutrality a must. FOR THE PEOPLE!!!!!!

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The Internet is home to many websites and blogs but if big business had there way we could end up with no blogs or social network sites at all. Continue reading